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Criminal Responsibility–An Overview

Other people, besides perpetrators of a crime (principal), can be held responsible for a crime they didn’t commit. Such people have different references in different jurisdictions, such as accomplices, accessories, aiders, or abettors. A person becomes an accomplice if they intentionally consciously act in a manner likely to assist, aid, help, or assist another party […]

Expectations of Prospective Franchisees

Buying a franchise can be a good investment option if you’re a risk-averse individual because success is almost guaranteed and it involves minimal risk. For instance, the buyer will not start the business from scratch–the groundwork is already laid by the franchisor. Although the success rate for franchising is typically high, a master franchisee cannot […]

What is an employment class action lawsuit?

An employment class action lawsuit is a lawsuit where employees join together to sue their employer. This type of lawsuit can be useful if many employees have been treated similarly by the employer. For example, if they have all been wrongfully terminated or faced discrimination. By joining together, the employees can pool their resources and […]

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