The best Spyx phone tracking software – perfect for keeping an eye on your kids!

Spyx Phone Tracking Software is the best way to keep an eye on your kids and keep them out of trouble when they’re using their smartphone or tablet! It allows you to take advantage of the apps your children are using, so you can monitor them and check in on what they’re doing at any time. You can also check up on their locations, see that they’re talking to, and even monitor their text messages!


Spyx is a phone monitoring app that allows you to keep track of any phone. Whether you want to monitor your children, employees, or just make sure the babysitter is taking care of the house while you’re away, there’s no easier way than with Spyx. It’s also completely legal since it records only data and not conversations, and is undetectable.

Plus, it’s super easy to use: once installed on the phone that you’re trying to monitor (the target device) all you have to do is login from any other device (the monitoring device) and see what’s happening in real-time! Plus, the company offers a free trial so you can see how well it works before committing – so download now and get started today!

What is Spyx?

Spyx is a phone monitoring app that allows you to keep track of the texts and calls made with a monitored phone. It doesn’t matter if the phone is turned off or not, Spyx still has access to all conversations happening. Plus, it has location services too, so you can make sure your teen isn’t out partying instead of doing their homework.

Spyx also sends automatic alerts when it detects activity like a text message was sent or received, or when the battery gets below 20%. All you have to do is download the app and register with your email address and password. Best of all there are no monthly charges or hidden fees.

How Spyx works

Spyx is a phone monitoring app which can be installed by anyone with the permission of the phone’s owner. Once installed, users are able to monitor texts and calls sent and received, as well as view the device’s geo-location and browsing history. This information is recorded in real time so you can stay one step ahead of what’s going on. Spyx is a great way to keep an eye on your child or partner without invading their privacy.

Benefits of using Spyx

Spyx is a phone monitor app that can be installed on any phone with Android or iOS. Install the app to monitor texts, calls, and social media accounts of your child without them knowing. You can keep tabs on their location and even see what they’re doing at the moment by using the live view. When you download Spyx, you’ll receive a 14 day trial period with unlimited features- just make sure to cancel before it expires if you don’t want to continue with the service.

How to get started with Spyx

Spyx is the #1 phone monitoring app in over 150 countries. It is the perfect tool to help you keep an eye on your loved ones and monitors their internet activity, as well as has access to contacts, photos, GPS location and more.

First, download the Spyx app from the App Store or Google Play Store – Once installed, select which device you want to monitor: iPhone or Android phone – Log in with your email address and password – Select which features you want to enable (or disable) by clicking on them: Phone Monitoring, Web Monitoring, and Contacts Tracking etc.

Spyx phone tracking software. With this app, you can spy on any phone remotely. You can also use it to track their location, view all of their text messages and see all of their social media activities with ease. This is a great way to keep tabs on your children or any employees who are working outside the office. Spyx offers a free trial so that you can test out the features before committing to purchase.

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