The Perfect Time to Paint A House Exterior

The Perfect Time to Paint A House Exterior

Exterior house painting and interior house painting are the two most painted areas of a house. When it comes to interior painting or inside painting, you do not usually worry about the weather. Anytime you can paint your interior house. Mostly every season is good for it. But exterior house painting has a completely different scenario.

The exterior painting is completely at the mercy of the outside weather conditions. You have to adjust all the requirements according to the outside temperature. So, the question is what is the perfect time to paint your house’s exterior?

The Perfect Season to Paint a House Exterior

Summer is the most suitable time for exterior house painting in most areas of the world. The reason behind it is that weather is too warm or hot. Also, rain is at a minimum.  Do not be misled by summer is all the same in all parts of the country. The weather condition varies from place to place wherever you go. So, your eyes must be on days that will lead you to perfect weather conditions.

House painting Melbourne can assist you in what is the perfect season to paint a house exterior in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

Rainy Weather

Keep in mind not all of summer is good for painting. There are hurricanes and monsoons in the summer at the end of the year. Northern Australia is the soft target of monsoons, so be careful and check the daily weather forecast when painting your house’s exterior.

Direct Sunlight

Extreme sunlight or heat is also not a good condition for exterior painting Melbourne. As we know there are three types of paint. For example, water-based paint needs some extra time to dry. Oil-based paint takes more time than water-based paint.

Early morning and evening time is the best in the summer. Exterior house painting during direct sunlight in the summer is not appreciated and can damage your newly painted areas. Interior painting Melbourne can have nothing to do with direct sunlight and heat.

The siding needs to cool down for an hour or two after the sunlight has left the house. Keep checking the surface of dark siding or dense materials like fibre cement that tend to retain heat. You can paint it when it feels cool to the touch.

Exterior House Painting During Autumn

Choosing the right time to paint your home’s exterior also requires consideration of temperature fluctuations. It is difficult for paint to dry when the temperature changes dramatically, such as on a day when it is 105°F but it is 43°F at night.

As a result, early fall is often a good time of year for painting, since daytime and nighttime temperatures are often close to each other.

Exterior House Painting During Winter

Many paint manufacturers recommend a minimum outdoor temperature for painting, making it difficult to successfully paint a house’s exterior during winter.

It is important to note, however, that minimum temperature requirements increase with the improvement of paint quality. There was a time when it was recommended not to paint a house below 50°F. In modern paint formulations, you can paint in temperatures as low as 35°F.

Also, read about Pressure Wash and cleaning a wall before painting.

Exterior House Painting During Moist Conditions

It is recommended to only paint dry surfaces. Your exterior surface can become moist when you paint outdoors, either because of rain or snow or due to air humidity.

It is important to remember that moisture does not always appear as a massive thunderstorm. In early evenings or overnight, the dew that forms can just as easily damage exterior paint, even if the outside temperature was 70°F just six hours earlier.

Professional painters are often chosen by homeowners for a variety of reasons. Timing is a key factor. It might take a couple of weeks from DIY painting if the bad weather is on its head but commercial painting Melbourne can do it in days.

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