The Tommy Zizzo Jr Biography

If you are interested in the personal life of Tommy Zizzo, you’ll find the latest information here. His father was Thomas Zizzo, a police officer who married actress Erika Jayne and fathered the actor and DJ Tommy Zizzo Jr. The actor’s father had a varied career that included being a DJ and a police officer. While his father was a prominent personality in the entertainment world, he was an unremarkable amateur at both.

Thomas Zizzo is the first husband of actress Erika Jayne

When Thomas Zizzo met actress Erika Jayne, they were both working as DJs in a Manhattan club. The two began dating as friends and kept in touch until their friendship became more than just a friendship. They were both in their early twenties when they started dating, and their relationship grew from there. They lived in Manhattan for several years before deciding to marry.

He is the father of Tommy Zizzo

The father of Tommy Zizzo Jr. is a philanthropist and a member of the community. He chose not to share the wealth that his parents have accumulated through their business ventures. Nevertheless, his stepfather is a multimillionaire with a net worth of $30 million. Tommy Zizzo’s mother, Erika Jayne, is an actress who started her career on the small screen. She has appeared on various television shows and is one of the main stars in Hollywood.

He is a police officer

Tommy Zizzo, jr. is a police officer. He is the son of actress Erika Jayne. She was born on July 10, 1971, and took after her mother, Renee Chahoy. She was just 20 years old when she became pregnant with Tommy. After her divorce, she moved to Los Angeles to attend the Los Angeles Police Department academy. The two later remarried.

He was a DJ

Erika Zizzo is the daughter of DJ and producer Tommy Zezzo. She grew up in the city of Atlanta where she started acting and singing. After high school, Erika moved to New York City where she worked as a DJ. She joined several female bands, including The Flirts. Tommy and Erika met when Thomas was working in Manhattan as a DJ. The couple dated for half a year before getting married in the 1990s.

He was a hardworking man

It is no secret that Tommy Zizzo has enormous fortune. His wife Erika Zizzo is proud of his hard-working life. He is a former police officer, who served in the United States Police Force. The couple met at Manhattan China Club and got married in December 1991 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But the marriage did not last for long, as the couple decided to separate. Tommy and Erika have not revealed their relationship with the media, but they plan to live happily.

He was a celebrity son

It’s been two decades since Tommy Zizzo and Erika Jayne had sex, but his father is still a household name. Erika Zizzo was twenty years old when she fell pregnant with Tommy in 1994. They married in 1992 and separated three years later. Tommy’s parents divorced when Tommy was just two years old, and his mother, Jayne, moved to Los Angeles with her son. Erika later married 80-year-old attorney Thomas Girardi.

He was killed in a car accident

On September 15, 2021, Tommy Zizzo Jr was killed in an accident while driving home. He had helped his ex-husband, Tom Girardi, with a house burglary report. He was on his way home from the hospital when he was involved in a horrific car accident. Tommy Zizzo was a police officer in his spare time, and was a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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