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new city paradise

New City Paradise

A magnificent housing project called New City Paradise Housing Society can be found close to the Burhan Interchange in Taxila Wah. The project will be one of the most amazing and successful plans in the area, giving people posh and modern living space. The top 5 reasons to invest in New City Paradise will be covered in this blog.

Well-known owners and developers

New city paradise was introduced by the well-known developers of New City Wah Developer Group. Ch. Qamar and Saad Zaman are the owners and managers of The New City Paradise Housing Society. Under the moniker NEW City Wah Cantt, this organization is in charge of a broad range of residential and commercial real estate projects that have been successfully completed both locally and globally. The creators have put together a highly qualified team of professionals to accomplish the project with the greatest degree of accuracy.

NOC-Approved Project

A long-term and appropriate real estate investment, this housing project has received New City NOC approval. New City Paradise has also been given legal status by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). Additionally, giving a new residential space legal status would be uncommon for developers to do. Gaining the trust and confidence of buyers and investors is also essential.

Ideal Location for Its Investors

The location of the project will be just 0 km from the Islamabad M1 Motorway’s Burhan junction along the CPEC route. The primary GT route is easily accessible, and it is located inside the boundaries of Punjab. There will be two access points to the best investment location in this new house development. Both originate, respectively, from the GT Road and the M1 Motorway. Most importantly, there will be numerous business districts and educational institutions nearby.

Availability Of All Amenities

All Basics are Available

The most valuable features will be available at the most affordable prices in the new city paradise. Furthermore, the New City Paradise Payment Plan will help to create a dream investment opportunity.

  • Housing Sustainability Program
  • 24/7 security surveillance
  • New arcade mall
  • 24/7 gas, water, and electricity services are also available
  • International brands
  • Food brands
  • Business Area
  • parks for kids
  • exercising areas
  • Shopping centers and retail establishments
  • Wide Roads
  • Facilities for Education
  • Facilities for Healthcare
  • Mosque

Accessibilities in New City Paradise

The housing program’s accessibility points are listed below:

  • Located on GT Road
  • Easily accessible from Burhan interchange
  • 5 minutes Distance from M1 Peshawar Islamabad Motorway
  • Hassan Abdal is around 10 minutes away.
  • Burhan City is about 11 minutes distant.
  • The distance from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange is around 15 minutes.
  • Grand Trunk Rd is located roughly 16 minutes from Kohistan Enclave.
  • Wah Cantt is roughly 16 minutes distant.
  • Attock is located approximately 17 minutes from Tarbela Rd.
  • The distance from Islamabad to Peshawar-M1 Motorway Toll Plaza is around 34 minutes.
  • 35 minutes Distance from Taxila, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Attock, Punjab, Pakistan’s Fateh Jang is around 38 minutes distant.
  • Taxila is located about 40 minutes from Faisal Hills.

Nearby Locations and Landmarks in New City Paradise

Some of the housing society’s adjacent landmarks and locations include:

  • Wah New City
  • enclave of Kohistan
  • Hills, Faisal
  • City Arcade in New
  • Wah POF
  • Cantt Wah AWC
  • From the East and West Law College, Hassan Abdal
  • Highway Research and Training Center
  • Aurora’s Knowledge Park
  • Margala Hills Colony

Affordable Price Rates

In the new city paradise, the most valuable amenities will be offered at the most competitive costs. The payment schedule will also contribute to the creation of an ideal investment opportunity. All investors will find the investment more alluring because residents would have access to the top facilities in the world at bargain costs.

Conclusion The people of New City Paradise will soon have access to one of its king living standards and investment prospects. Additionally, the developers Chaudry Saad and Chaudry Qamar Zaman are reputable and well-known, making this a long-term and excellent New City Paradise investment. Additionally, the facility will be at a prime location with lots of important access points. Given the starting price range, affordability is high because it is a lawful housing endeavor that will contribute to a long-term, lucrative investment

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