Your Ultimate Guide to Athena EMR Vs. Elation EMR


Elation EMR platform is a Digital Medical Records system created specifically for medical practices that deliver primary and long-term health care. Small, midsized, and solo healthcare centers can use the software. Elation Health EMR software allows professionals to improve the quality of care in their practices by making daily documentation more efficient. The software is ONC-ATCB approved and comes with a variety of helpful features. Elation EMR software has a simple user interface that displays a three-pane view of health records, allowing doctors to quickly work and see a complete picture of the patient’s medical history.

Doctors can quickly view client health information using Elation EMR thorough search function (regular symptoms, vitals, cholesterol values, etc.). Practitioners can produce prescriptions by electronically restocking existing scripts and sending them to in-house or outer pharmacy shops, based on the patient’s preference. Health doctors can safely communicate client information with colleagues and patients using built-in messaging capabilities.

Elation EHR reviews

Elation integrates (connects) with Hint Health, Spruce, MDScripts, and Quest Labs fairly well.
It’s simple to understand. By far, the best and most widely used feature is e-prescribing.
Charting is logical. The reverse chronological chart notes most closely resemble paper charts.
The patient summary panel is extremely useful. The patient engagement software used to communicate lab results is simple to use.
Overall, learning and teaching new employees is a breeze. Most employees can be up and running in less than an hour of training.
There aren’t many screens, making it simple to locate items.
Excellent program for patient-doctor communication that is both safe and secure.
Both ends have quick responses and are simple to use.
Customer service is pathetic.

It can appear cluttered with different fonts and window colors.

Data migration can be an annoying task.

The smartphone app is useless.

There is no discount for mid-level prescribing practitioners, and they must pay for the billing system in addition to the elation fee.
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Elation EMR Benefits

  • Doctors and clients can use Elation EMR built-in tools to book online consultations, set instant reminders, and generate bills all in one place.
  • Elation helps clinics increase patient satisfaction by providing advanced communication characteristics such as safe emailing and personalized messaging techniques.
  • Clinics and healthcare experts can create customized clinical forms based on their medical specializations and needs.
  • Doctors can assess their ROIs and handle financial reporting tasks with Elation’s incorporated analytics characteristics.
  • To manage all incoming and outgoing records from the system, the platform combines in-house fax and printer facilities.

About Athena EHR

Athena EMR software is a renowned provider of on-premise and cloud-based health IT systems for health systems and medical groups across the United States. Athenahealth currently has over 160,000 providers in its network. Users can evaluate the weekly routine and clinical records, manage, and view received lab results on the EHR’s homepage. The billing module has a patented and constantly updated rules engine that can be used in conjunction with the EHR or independently. The clarity in the daily tasks, custom benchmarking, proactive trend analysis, and other medical practice management tools are available. Athena brings together software services to reduce administrative burdens and boost clinical efficiency. Physician workflows that are more streamlined encourage a focus on patient-centered care.

Athena EHR Reviews

Users who have issues during implementation receive adequate assistance, and all users have constant access to effective support, according to nearly 90% of reviews.

According to slightly more than 75% of reviews, Athena provides medical practices with all of the capabilities they require.

According to 75 percent of reviews, the user interface is user-friendly and simple to use.
Sixty percent of users who spoke about the solution’s accessibility said they had not encountered any notable system downtime and that they could always access key functions when they needed them.
The high price of the software was a major hindrance to the platform, according to 80 percent of users who talk about the price in their review, despite being mentioned by only about 10% of reviewers.

Sixty percent of users who mentioned Athena’s accuracy reported having difficulty entering or looking for their information within the platform, as well as finding inconsistencies within their records.

While users praised the claims scrubbing feature, nearly 70% of reviewers felt that the language used in claims is hard to interpret, clearing claims can be difficult, and customers felt that they did not receive sufficient support.
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Athena EMR Benefits

  • Real-time updates are possible with cloud-based deployment, keeping physicians updated with industry and legislative changes. Telehealth technology allows you to provide virtual care in a progressively digital world.
  • An iOS mobile app allows you to access timetables, oversee inboxes, send prescriptions, and more from anywhere.
  • Instantly access clinical data from multiple sources, saving time and ensuring the most precise treatment.
  • Minimize time spent on admin work like obtaining prior authorizations, correcting claim errors, and handling denials by utilizing RCM services.
  • By streamlining busy-work tasks, you can improve practitioner and staff morale while also freeing up more time for client-centric care.
  • Allow patients to make appointments via the internet. Configure functionality to meet practice needs, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce front-desk scheduling tasks.
  • Securely transfer medical data between healthcare organizations. By using CommonWell and Carequality integration, connect directly to labs, imaging centers, pharmacies, public health registries, and more to pinpoint client records and integrate them into workflows.
  • Distribute campaign data and notifications to clients at a large scale. Patients can use mobile devices to communicate with doctors, view lab results, demand prescription refills, and more. Clients can get automated appointment reminders and notifications, as well as billing and follow-up care.
  • Changes to federal quality programs are automatically monitored so that business owners do not have to. Adapt to changing healthcare regulations such as MACRA and MIPS.
  • Provide patients with toolkits to handle appointments and check-in digitally prior to visits to reduce no-shows and boost daily traffic.

Last few words!

If you are wondering which software (Athena EMR vs Elation EMR) wins the battle for you, that is totally your call. We would recommend checking out the Athena EHR cost as well as the Elation EMR pricing before making a final decision. We would also recommend you schedule an Athena EHR demo and an  Elation EMR demo to learn about their features in depth. 

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