How to Update KodiBuntu in 2022: Complete Guide

Update Kodibuntu: Kodibuntu is nothing but an open-source software, which works on Linux operating system and has Kodi that is preexisting on it.

Kodi is a software that works as a media player and servers as an entertainment center that is available free of cost on the internet. This Kodi can be installed on Linux, iOS, android, windows operating systems.

It can be used on your smart televisions to watch your favorite videos, podcasts, music, and much more online.

The URL for kodibuntu is Using this URL, you can use Kodibuntu on your personal computer that acts as the media center and it allows you to enjoy your favorite television shows online.

Kodibuntu is simply built on Ubuntu that employs the collective framework of Ubuntu. Further, Kodibuntu makes use of Ubuntu’s default package manager.

Added to it, the Kodibuntu serves as an entire package for its users to watch motion pictures, television programs, and much more in one place and serves the purpose of a personalized media hub. Simply, the Kodibuntu has all the standard requirements that are needed for Kodi.

In this article let us discuss in detail the basic standards required to update Kodibuntu and also the instructions to be followed to update Kodibuntu are discussed further. 

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Required Standards to Update Kodibuntu

The standard requirement to update Kodibuntu includes ISO 14.0 and the software refresh has to be done manually by its users.

You cannot get it simply by downloading the Kodi.exe file from the internet and then installing it on your personal computer by clicking the button ‘Install’.

Added to it, the Kodibuntu basically needs a system with a minimum memory space availability of 4GB and a CPU with dual processing cores of 2.8ghz capacity.

If you have already downloaded and installed Kodibuntu on your personal computer and if you need only the instructions to update kodibuntu then, skip the installation instructions and jump to the instructions given to update kodibuntu in this article below. 

Instructions to be followed to install Kodibuntu: 

The following are the set of instructions to be followed to install Kodibuntu on your personal computer (PC). 

  • First, on your PC, visit the site to download it on your system. 
  • Once Kodibuntu.iso is downloaded, copy that to your CD called IMGBURN. 
  • Now download ImgBurn and then install it on your system. 
  • Further, run ImgBurn on your system. 
  • Click ‘write the image file to disc’. 
  • Select the particular folder and burn the Kodibuntu CD. 
  • Then put the CD with burnt Kodibuntu with IMGBURN on your system. 
  • Further, go to the menu and select ‘Install Kodibuntu’. 
  • Once installed, you can now select your language from the given options. 
  • Then select the button ‘Download updates while installing. 
  • Set your time zone. 
  • Set your keyboard layout. 
  • Once the process of installation has started, you must reboot your personal computer. 
  • Now Kodibuntu has been successfully installed on your personal computer. 

By following the above-mentioned steps, you must be able to successfully install the Kodibuntu on your personal computer.

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Instructions to be followed to update KodiBuntu

The following are the set of instructions to be followed to update Kodibuntu on your personal computer (PC).  

  • To update Kodi, first log in using your user details. 
  • Now go to the option ‘settings’ and select Lubuntu and enter your details. 
  • Then select the option XTerm from your desktop option settings. 
  • On the command window enter the command ‘sudo apt-update’ and then select enter. 
  • Then enter the command ‘y’ and again click enter. 
  • Then enter your Kodibuntu user details and wait for it to install. 
  • Once your update is done successfully, now you have to reboot your personal computer. 
  • When the system is on after the reboot procedure, open Ubuntu on your PC and go to XTerm, and again enter the command ‘Sudo apt-get dist upgrade’ and then click enter. 
  • Again, enter the command ‘y’ and then click enter option. 
  • Now you will be asked to create your username. Create one and click ‘OK’. 
  • Further, restart your personal computer. 
  • Now, log out and then again login on Linbuntu apart from Lubuntu and enter your details. 
  • Finally, by following the above-mentioned steps you have successfully updated your personal computer with the latest version of Kodi available online. 


Thus Kodibuntu, which serves as an open-source media hub to watch your favorite shows, music, podcasts, and much more can be successfully updated by following the instructions given in this article. Hope this article helps the users of Kodibuntu who find it difficult to update it. 

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