Video Conferencing Solution Kenya: The Inexpensive Way You Can Connect With Your Employee

Video Conferencing Solution Kenya

With technology continuing to evolve, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are turning to video conferencing as an affordable way to connect with their employees. Not only is it a convenient way to communicate, but it can also be cost-effective. There are many different video conferencing solution Kenya, so you can find the one that’s right for your needs. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of using video conferencing and how you can find the best solution for your business.

What is a video conference?

Video conferencing is a great way to connect with your employees and keep them up-to-date on important company updates. With a video conference solution, you can easily host video calls with multiple participants from any computer or mobile device. You can also use video conferencing for team meetings, training sessions, and more.

To get started, find a video conferencing solution that works best for your needs. Some popular options include Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. After you’ve chosen an option, sign in to the service and create a new account or login. Next, add participants by entering their email addresses or phone numbers. The software will then help you set up the call parameters, such as which room to call and how long the call should last.

Once everything is setup, fire up the software and click on the call button! You’ll be connected to your participants in no time and can start talking about whatever matters most. Video conferencing is a great way to stay connected with your employees and keep everyone informed of updates and developments.

How does video conferencing work?

Video conferencing is a telecommunication technology that allows people to connect in real-time through the use of video cameras and audio equipment. The technology has become increasingly popular over the years due to its ability to provide a more cost-effective way for businesses to connect with their employees across the globe. There are several different types of video conferencing solutions available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are two main types of video conferencing: on-demand and live. On-demand video conferencing is ideal for cases where you only need to connect with a few people at a time, such as when you’re meeting with one or two employees in your office. Live video conferencing, on the other hand, is best suited for situations where you need to interact with many participants at once, such as a meeting between executives from different departments.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a video conferencing solution is bandwidth availability. Some solutions are bandwidth-intensive and may not work well if your network is not capable of supporting them. Additionally, some solutions require an internet connection while others do not. Make sure to read the product reviews before making your purchase so you know what features are included and whether or not there are any compatibility issues.

Finally, be sure to choose a video conferencing solution that’s compatible with your brand and corporate culture. Some solutions are more formal than others, so it’s important to choose one that will

How much does video conferencing cost?

Video conferencing is a great way to connect with your employees and keep up communication. There are a lot of options out there for video conferencing, but the best solution for you will depend on your needs. Here are some approximate costs for video conferencing services in Kenya:

• Basic Video Conference Call: $5-$10/hour

• Premium Video Conference Call: $20-$50/hour

There are also many cheaper alternatives if you just need to connect with a few people. You can use Skype or FaceTime for free, or talk over Google Hangouts or Zoom.

The different types of video conferencing

Video conferencing is a great way to connect with your employees. With technology becoming more affordable, there are many different options for video conferencing. Here are the four types of video conferencing: desktop sharing, webinar, phone conferencing, and video chat. Desktop sharing allows you to see each other on the same screen. Webinars let you hold a live meeting on the web. Phone conferencing lets you call people in different rooms and countries. Video chat allows you to see each other as if they were in the same room.

Who can use video conferencing?

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy way to connect with your employees, video conferencing is the solution for you. With a video conference service, you can keep everyone connected no matter where they are in the world.

Many businesses choose video conferencing services to communicate with their employees because it’s an efficient way to do business. By using video conferencing, you can keep everyone on the same page and make sure everyone understands what’s happening.

Video conferencing also helps prevent communication problems. If one employee is having a difficult day and needs a break, another employee can take over for them without leaving the meeting. This allows for uninterrupted workflows and more effective decision making.

Video conferencing is especially beneficial when it comes to remote working. With video conferencing, you can still be productive while away from the office. You don’t need to worry about missing important conversations or deadlines; all you need is internet access and a compatible video conference service.

What are the benefits of video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a great way to connect with employees in remote locations. It can be especially beneficial for companies that do not have many available office hours. Video conferencing can also be a great way for managers to stay connected with their employees.

Some of the benefits of video conferencing include:

– Reduced travel costs: video conferencing can be done in real time, which means that there is no need to travel to different locations.

– Increased productivity: because employees can work from anywhere, they are more productive.

– Improved communication: since video conferencing allows for face-to-face communication, it helps improve communication between managers and employees.


With the advent of modern technology, it’s becoming easier than ever to connect with employees from all over the world. However, as always there are some caveats. One of these is the cost of video conferencing services in Kenya. While not necessarily affordable for every business, there are a number of solutions that may be right for you. By doing your research and comparing costs, you can find a solution that fits within your budget and meets your needs. And if you need help choosing the best video conferencing service for your business, our team at Kenya Connection can help!

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