When choosing an insurance company, the individual has a great responsibility. With the new law “On Compulsory Health Insurance in Russia”, the level of Russian insurance has increased significantly.

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A health insurance policy Is a mandatory medical insurance document that guarantees mandatory medical assistance in the event of an accident throughout the Russian Federation in connection with the 100% medical education program.


Health insurance – part of the public protection of a person, which consists in preserving his health. It is reflected in the guarantee of payment of medical services at the expense of the insurance company in the event of an accident or other unforeseen conditions.

Medical insurance allows you not to worry about tomorrow and provide people with free provision of a certain amount of medical services in case of an accident (deterioration of the health condition), if there is a contract with a medical insurance organization. She is the one who bears all the costs of paying for medical services to the institution provided for in the contract.

Every subject has the right to:

  • take advantage of all types of health insurance;
  • individual choice of medical organization from insurance;
  • control over the execution of the terms of the OMS contract.

The above-mentioned insurance rights are mandatory and contained in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

A temporary certificate is a document that is issued before the main mandatory health insurance policy. Such a document has nine digits, which mostly start with 001.

This policy is given to the subject at the time of receiving the gift. That is, if you need a document proving your health insurance, but your policy is not ready yet, a temporary certificate will help you avoid inconvenience.

The temporary shelf has a number on the front. After the title and the information that your policy is temporary, on the right side you will see the policy issue date, and on the right – only its number.

In any case, the number must be nine digits. And it usually starts with the numbers 001 … and then numbers in no particular order. You can find the policy series on the back, usually listed next to the form number. In this case, both values ​​are added to an 11-digit number. You can see it at the very bottom of the page. Usually, this number consists mostly of zeros.


In our time, laws do not stand still, everything changes, including papers.

Now, in 2015, only policies such as:

  • electronic card;
  • plastic card with basic data;
  • format A5.

Usually, this document is changed when the passport is changed, which can be for various reasons – from changing the surname to losing the passport. But be that as it may, this procedure is quite popular and relevant in our time.

By law, expired policies are not yet a reason to deny service. But in practice things are a little different. Believe me, you will save a lot of nerves and time if you change this document to a newer one, and not to an expired one.

Old style policy information is usually highlighted by highlighting the number on the front. So, you can immediately see his number, which usually starts with the number 86 and contains 16 digits. After the inscription “Health insurance policy” you will see the inscription of the series of policies, this is the number you need.

Many people are confused when they try to find the shelf number but cannot find it on the back. The thing is that on old poles, the number and series of policies are one and the same number.


Today, both policies are in force in Russia, both paper, which is the old model, and new – electronic, short-term evidence that supports the formation of OMS policy and multifunctional electronic cards. They provide owners with exactly the same options for free medical support near a medical facility that can provide assistance in the event of an accident.

Unlike the new, electronic policy, the paper one has some advantages:

  • the compulsory health insurance policy does not require replacement every five years from the date of admission;
  • if you are thinking about assistance in other districts and regions of the Russian Federation, it will be more profitable to buy a shelf with papers, because not all regional centers and cities are equipped with equipment for checking your electronic policy.

A lot of confusion arises because modern politics has two sides and each of them has its own number. Therefore, many people, not only patients, but also employees of medical institutions sometimes get confused. Many people are often confused about where exactly the policy number is.

So, you can find the number on the front side, this is a 16-digit number, and on the back – the series and shelf pattern number, which contains 11 digits.


The plastic certificate is presented as one of the types of mandatory health insurance policies, it is presented together with a paper and electronic card.

Health insurance is provided by an insurance company that is authorized to provide services in accordance with mandatory insurance.

Insurance is a special system for the protection of people who work, as well as those who are materially dependent on their income. That is, with partial or total disability due to age, illness, lack of work, pregnancy, maternity or disability.

There is a list of the main functions of insurance companies:

  • protection of the insured’s interests;
  • control of insurance size;
  • features of mandatory health insurance in the hospital;
  • conditions of compulsory medical insurance;
  • legal protection of people (if necessary).

If the patient needs a mandatory health insurance policy, the insurance company pays all bills in full.

The plastic policy looks like an ordinary laminated document, which is actually no bigger than a credit card.

You will see the series of the new pattern immediately on the front of the plastic document, the image consists of 16 digits and is located once in the middle and cannot be replaced with anything else. You can find the shelf number in the same place as in other new shelves, that is, on the back side. The number has eleven digits and will show you the number of your old policy. It is usually located directly below the photo of the insured.

OMS is divided into several types: temporary certificate, single model policy, old model and new model.


Before receiving the main policy, in case of unforeseen circumstances, a person is issued a temporary certificate, where the form number usually starts with the number 001, is located on the right side of the front and has 9 digits. The form has a date of issue and is valid until the issue of the unified policy.


This type of mandatory health insurance is obtained after signing a contract with an insurance company within thirty working days. The term of use of this document is unlimited, so it is not necessary to change it when changing vacancies or moving to a new place of residence. The form is valid only for foreign citizens and stateless persons.

The front page contains information about the recipient and the policy number. The header contains a hologram that distinguishes the original from a counterfeit header. On the back – series, name of the insurance company, signature and stamp.

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