What Makes Blue World City the Best Housing Society?

Blue World City

A flagship project of the Blue Group of companies and imperium group of companies is the Blue World City. It is situated near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor route. The distance of the society from the Islamabad International Airport is 20 minutes. It is going to be the first state-of-the-art residential scheme and tourist destination. This article will tell you what makes Blue World City Islamabad the best housing society.

Blue World City Developers

The owner and developer of Blue World City are Mr. Saad Nazir. He is also the CEO and founder of the BGCs, Pakistan’s largest name in the real estate market. The company has started offering services of construction and design to valuable customers. In 1988, the company captured a significant market share, and the company started to offer a wide variety of services to the people under the umbrella of Blur Group.

The services include real estate acquisition, development, design, marketing, IT support services, and construction for commercial and residential properties. There are more than 300 employees at a time in the market. So, the company has become a real estate giant and is unmatched in size and diversity.

Where Is It Located?

Selecting the right location is vital when investing in the real estate market. The locality is an essential aspect of any investment. Investors with experience will always look for investments with high financial returns. Blue World City is on the CPEC route near Chakri interchange and can be penetrated directly from the Lahore- Islamabad M- 2 motorway. In addition to furnishing a luxurious life down from the megacity noise, BWC is located near Rawalpindi/ Islamabad and the Islamabad transnational field.

BWC Payment Plan

The Blue World City payment plan is the best society in the twin city, and many people are interested in investing in it. First, it was due to its developers, and second, it was due to the affordable payment plan. The prices of plots are not the same in each block. The prices vary from block to block and also from size to size. In addition, the same-size plots in different blocks also have different prices.

The booking in each block of the Blue World City starts with a down payment of 20%. The payment plan also offers easy payment of the remaining amount in installments. The installment plan consists of 48 monthly installments and 16 Quarterly installments.

Moreover, it is also essential to note that all the plots in two major blocks of the BWC have been sold out. Now, these plots are in the market for reselling on a new payment plan. So, the Blue World City and Zaitoon City new prices will differ from the older ones.

Blue World City File Verification

Sapphire Properties and other real estate companies such as Estate Land deliver you crucial information on the Blue World City file verification process. Using an easy and helpful online file verification system, it is easy to check your file registration for commercial or residential plots.

Pakistani and overseas investors can use the file verification method to verify the files. But keep in mind that every real estate company is only responsible for the verification of files that you have bought from them. 

You cannot go for file verification with another real estate agent after purchasing the file from another. So, always rely on reliable investors for your purchase. Moreover, you can also choose the Blue World City online verification option. For an online verification of your files, you have to visit the official website of the BWC and follow the instructions available there. It is the easiest way to verify your files and check the authenticity of your project.

Pros of investing in BWC

Following are some pros of investing in Blue World City:

Return on Investment

Investing in Blue World will secure you an exceptional position in a luxurious life girdled by a terrain of technology and tranquility side by side. Living there will prove to be a bountiful price.

Easy Installment plan

Blue world city Islamabad, like the leading housing schemes in the area, similar to Gulberg green and Qurtaba city, provides a veritably flexible 3- and 4-year investiture plan for a range of sizes and types of plots. The plan is designed for the convenience of its investors from all walks of life, making it a desirable and most suitable place to invest your savings.

Economic and Social Success

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Route is at a decent distance from Blue World City Islamabad. In the following times, many Chinese workers will move to Pakistan due to the CPEC Project. There’s a particular block reserved for the Chinese investor. Therefore, not only will this design bring Pakistanis and Chinese closer, it’ll boost the profitability and social conditions of the two countries.

Many Tourists Attractions

The other benefit of investing in Blue Word city is that you can get the opportunity of enjoying the largest tourist attractions. A replica of the blue mosque will be built in this housing society. In addition, a horse Mascot structure, Petronas twin tower, and Burj Al Arab will be formed.

So, due to all these pros, it is the best time to book your desired plots in society with Blue World City online payment service.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, we can say that Blue World City Islamabad is the best housing society in town, with all the facilities and amenities required for a luxurious lifestyle. Just like BWC, Rudn Enclave is another project of the BGCs, which is also the best option in terms of investment. So, if you plan to invest in a real estate project, it is the best time to invest in the best housing projects in the twin cities. Also, check the authenticity of the dealer from which you purchase the file.

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