Why are Abu Dhabi International Schools Gaining Popularity?

Many parents worry about their child’s schooling, including the academic board they will get into. While CBSE and ICSE are traditional alternatives to educating your kid, International boards are gaining prominence because such schools aim to nurture the kids from the root level and make them capable thinkers. Here, we have written some reasons why you should consider the concept of international school as a parent.

Reasons why Abu Dhabi Schools are Gaining Popularity

1.      They provide holistic education.

The international school follows the philosophy of 9 GEMS holistic education, emphasizing academics and aspects like innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, sports, arts, etc. The framework equips the students with the necessary skills that help them to become future leaders.

2.      Abu Dhabi school’s curriculum is designed to focus on a child’s mental health.

Earlier, mental health was never a topic of discussion. It always occupied the backseat. But the growing suicide and unfortunate incidents have made us think about it as a parent. Hence, we want our kids to enroll in a school that nurtures their mental and physical well-being. The curriculum in international schools resonates with our mindset, and the expert staff uses various activities to ignite their mental skills. 

3.      It uses the Montessori approach to teach children during the early stages.

The Abu Dhabi schools use the Montessori approach to teach the kids during their nascent stage. The primary reason every kid should be Montessori educated is that the program develops literacy and academic skills and focuses on listening and speaking activities in a vibrant learning environment.

4.      The parents are involved at every step.

Unlike traditional schools, where notices are issued and have to be obliged by the parents, in international schools, the parents are involved at every stage. Different activities and events are held to make communication and participation powerful. One-on-one sessions are conducted to keep the parents posted about the student’s achievements.

5.      Digital Learning is emphasized  

The international school curriculum is designed so that children learn the technologies that have become part and parcel of our daily life. The campuses come equipped with modern technologies to prepare the child for the challenges ahead.

6.      India International school fees are less.

The India International school fees are not so high despite the many benefits it offers students. It does not go beyond your pocket. They also provide you with a scholarship or grant value that is 15-20% of their fees. 

7.      Add-on knowledge is provided in international schools.

The Abu Dhabi school offers a unique STEAM program that hones the students, reinforces their learning potential, and builds their critical and analytical abilities.

Bottom Line

The India international school fees are less, and it offers the students exceptional knowledge that stems down to their roots and lets them spread their wings and soar high in the sky. 

However, selecting the right school for your child can be tough. The best international school you should opt for is Global Indian School. The experience of the teaching staff and amazing outlook towards the future, makes students well-rounded personalities after leaving the school.

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