Why Do Restaurants Need Pest Control in Toronto?

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Commercial pest control is different than residential pest control because it depends on building structures, sanitation practices, maintenance, and storage. In addition, restaurants have to stock a lot of food to utilize and run their business. On the other hand, homes don’t need to store food like restaurants. Plus, homes are much smaller when you compare them with restaurants. Nevertheless, more space in restaurants puts restaurants at more risk of pests than homes. Restaurants need pest control in Toronto to maintain a good reputation among customers. By the same token, restaurant owners should contract with a reputable pest control service, like Pesticon, to ensure their commercial space remains free from pests.

Reasons for Pest Control in Restaurants in Toronto

There are many reasons for pest control in restaurants in Toronto. Further, hiring professionals for pest control in restaurants aids in the following ways:

  1. Regular inspection of the building
  2. Identification of pest problems and pest entry points
  3. Establishment of an effective plan of action against pests
  4. Measuring and managing results on an ongoing basis

Here are our reasons concerning why restaurants in Toronto need pest control:

Different Types of Pests Can Infest Food Establishments: 

Usually, pests infest properties while looking for food and shelter. Further, a restaurant is a place where pests can find plenty of food and compromise their food safety. Different types of pests can infest restaurants in Toronto. Mice, rats, roaches, and flies, to name a few. Dealing with a pest situation and maintaining a pest-free environment in a restaurant is also challenging for restaurant owners. If customers find pests in a restaurant and tell about it to others, it can spoil its reputation. Bad reviews about restaurants can also put the restaurant at risk of temporary closure with a loss in its income. Nevertheless, commercial pest control services can help restaurants maintain a level of cleanliness in compliance with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) while avoiding pests.

Common restaurant pests include roaches, rodents, and flies. These pests are a threat to restaurants in different ways. For example, roaches can hide anywhere in a restaurant as elusive pests and can also multiply. Moreover, cockroaches carry a lot of germs and bacteria, which can compromise food safety in a restaurant. Cockroach-contaminated food can cause foodborne illnesses like diarrhea and food poisoning. Additionally, flies in a restaurant can annoy customers. Plus, common flies that you can find in restaurants include fruit flies, moth flies, filter flies, and houseflies. Restaurants are also perfect locations for rodents, specifically during the fall and the winter. A rodent infestation is also a threat for restaurants because rodents are food contaminators and seek shelter for warmth.

Restaurants Have Many Areas at Risks of Pests: 

There aren’t a few areas in a restaurant which pests can infest. Pests can infest various spaces in restaurants, specifically the following:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bar
  3. Patio
  4. Utility room
  5. Loading dock
  6. Laundry room
  7. Dumpster
  8. Landscapes areas
  9. Soffit and eaves troughs

Contracting with a pest control service with a positive reputation for commercial pest control in Toronto can aid restaurant owners in maintaining cleanliness in their restaurants and evading pests.

Restaurants Have To Adhere To Government Regulations: 

It is also important for restaurant owners to adhere to government regulations and keep their commercial spaces pest-free. Besides, it is illegal and inhumane practice for restaurant operators not to implement a pest control program in food premises. Therefore, restaurant operators must make sure the handling, preparation, distribution, and storage of food are done as per the guidelines set by the CFIA. 

Some Preventive Pest Control Measures for Restaurants 

Restaurant owners can minimize the chances of pest infestations with some preventive pest control measures as mentioned below:

  • Keeping all inessential doors closed
  • Sticking to the policy of first in, first out for bags and waste 
  • Assigning sanitation roles to related employees
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the dumpster on a regular basis
  • Putting all garbage in dumpsters without wasting time 
  • Not avoiding to leave bags or waste outside unattended

These are some of the ways restaurant operators can restrict pests from infesting restaurants. Moreover, contracting with the right pest control service is essential for restaurant owners to ensure their commercial space remains pest-free.


Commercial pest control is different than residential pest control, and food premises need pest control on a regular basis. There are many reasons why restaurants need pest control in Toronto, as mentioned below:

  1. Different Types of Pests Can Infest Food Establishments
  2. Restaurants Have Many Areas at Risks of Pests
  3. Restaurants Have To Adhere To Government Regulations

Preventive pest control measures can also help restaurant owners to reduce the opportunities for pests to infest their commercial space. Furthermore, restaurants owners should contract with a reputable pest control service to ensure their restaurants remain pest-free. To sum up, restaurants in Toronto need pest control to maintain a good reputation among customers.

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