Why should you take your child to regular health check-up?

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Parents were scrambling to prepare their children for the new school year by ensuring they had everything they needed, including the proper uniform, lunches, after-school activities, holiday assignments, etc. Checkups and vaccines for children are sometimes overlooked.

It is vital to start taking your child to the doctor and the dentist on a regular basis from a young age so that these visits become routine and not just something you do when your child is sick.

Why is it important for kids to get health checks?

It could be because kids are so active that their parents don’t understand the importance of taking them in for checkups often. Child health screenings are not just for detecting illness but also as a preventative measure to guarantee the kids are growing up healthy and strong.

A child’s proper development, immunization status, and abnormalities should all be evaluated at frequent checkups (if any). If the doctor suspects something is wrong with your ears or eyes, they can be examined. The youngster is first put through this examination three years before they enter formal education.

Why is an early health checkup important for children?

Some issues can be recognized at an extremely young age. In particular, they are –

  • Eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism
  • Sinus issues
  • Hearing loss
  • Lead poisoning
  • Learning disorders
  • Psycho and social issues
  • Speech disorders

Cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other potentially fatal conditions can all be diagnosed in childhood. The disease can be contained with preventative measures. Potential health problems can be anticipated and appropriately addressed. Dental health, sleep deprivation, skin infections, gastrointestinal system infections, and many more conditions are all screened for.

What happens during a child’s visit for a health checkup?

In a routine kids’ health checkup, the doctor will:

  • Get a physical examination done.
  • Injections, vaccines, and other immunizations should be given to the kid as needed.
  • Follow your child’s progress and solicit feedback on their development and conduct.
  • Gather information about how to stay healthy and safe by discussing methods of avoiding illness, improving one’s diet, and working out regularly.
  • Discuss measures to take in a sudden illness or another emergency.

Be sure you’re not just sitting there listening to your doctor talk. The well-child checkup is the perfect time to discuss your concerns about your child’s development, especially if they aren’t hitting any of the expected milestones.

Your doctor may specialize in pediatrics, but you know your child best.

As additional advice, please don’t be shy about asking questions, whether they pertain to your health or not. Your child’s doctor is a great resource for information on how to help them learn and grow, how to potty train successfully, how to keep them safe at the playground, and much more. Speak to your pediatrician to know the child health checkup packages in Coimbatore.

What is involved in the health checkup for children?

Some parents may feel that well-child checkups aren’t required, but it’s important to remember that they exist to ensure your child stays healthy. It is also quite important to choose the right Kids Health Package Hospital that offers everything you look for in your child. Here is what to expect when you bring your child in for a good check.

Vital signs:

A nurse or medical assistant will take vital signs before you and your child sees the doctor. In addition to checking their heart rate and temperature, they will wear a small, painless plastic gadget on their finger to test their oxygen level. A child’s vital signs are taken to ascertain their health and aid the doctor in diagnosing.


Body mass index will be calculated after your child is weighed at the appointment. With these numbers, you can tell if your kid is growing normally and if they are at a healthy weight and height. Your child’s height, weight, and head circumference percentiles will be provided to you at their consultation to help you understand how your child’s size compares to that of other children their age.


Your child’s paediatrician will first talk to you about your concerns because your child’s health is collaborative between parents and their doctors.The doctors will want to know if you have any worries or queries about your child’s development.

Complete body examination:

The next step is for the pediatrician to examine your youngster from head to toe. Your child’s ears, heart, lungs, skin, and eyes will all be examined during the well-child checkup. The physician will examine your child thoroughly in the areas where you have expressed concern. Reach to a kid’s advanced screening in Coimbatore for deeper screening to get a better understanding.


Your child’s vaccines are an integral part of their well-check. Protect your child from dangerous childhood illnesses, including measles, mumps, polio, rotavirus, and many more, with a series of immunizations. Talk to your child’s pediatrician if you have any concerns regarding immunizations.

Regular checkups with a doctor can help instill in kids an early sense of ownership over their bodies, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to make healthy decisions as adults and thereby reducing the likelihood that they will develop lifestyle-related chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc. Different hospitals offer different child health checkup packages; ensure to do thorough research to know the medical checkup price for child

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