World blood donor day June 14, 2022 – benefits of blood donation!

World blood donor day June 14, 2022 - benefits of blood donation!

Blood is the most valuable and meaningful gift that anyone can easily give to another person- a gift of life. Every year, June 14 is discerned as world blood day by the world health organization to dedicate and thank the millions of people who voluntarily give this precious gift of life to others. 

Although people are conscious of the need for blood, a few take an easy step back, understanding the health conditions they might put their lives into. But the truth is the donation of blood has several health advantages for the donor. Not only does it enable you to save the life of another person, but it gives you much-needed satisfaction and mental peace. 

Some of the health benefits of donating blood you must know about:

Alleviates the risk of heart attack: 

Quiet, often high levels of iron in the blood constrict the blood vessels, aggravate the risk of heart attack, and lead to a condition called hemochromatosis. Decreasing those extra iron deposits by phlebotomy or donating blood gives your dishes more room to utilize and keeps the blood rate and flow constant, lessening the risk of a heart attack.

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Keeps Your Liver Healthy-Improves liver health:

Even though donating blood advantages the entire body, it positively affects liver health. Previously, there has been a significant rise in non-alcoholic fatty liver problems linked to excessive iron levels. Also, Hepatitis C and other liver disorders and infections are correlated to blood impurity. Though many other contributing factors, donating blood can considerably help remove iron stores and prevent the build-up of extra tissues in the liver.

Your help saves someone’s life:

After giving blood, your blood is separated and processed into its essential components platelets, red blood cells, and plasma. Your blood may be used for someone who needs a transfusion to fight disability or death in a hospital setting. However, it will give you much peace of mind knowing that you donate blood and time to those who need it most. 

It can make your blood flow better:

Donating blood always could result in rarer arterial blockages and better blood flow. In addition, since regular blood donors verge to direct healthier lifestyles than the typical population, they’re less likely to endure heart attacks, stroke, or cancer. For example, the American Journal of Epidemiology based that blood donors are 88% less inclined to have a heart attack.

It positively impacts your mental well-being:

Performing good for others feels good. And with the ability to help save up to three lives every time you donate, understanding that you’re making a discrepancy and assisting others can alleviate stress improving your mood. According to one Aging Psychology research, this favorable impact on your well-being could lead to a longer life. Its base that those who enrolled to do good for others regularly had a lower risk of mortality.

The best benefit of all when donating blood is to save lives. The Red Cross says the lack of blood is never-ending. So this National Blood Donor Month, and all year extended, think of the lives that could boost from your donation. And as a bonus: you bring to enjoy expanded health benefits also. Learn just more about donating and find a blood hustle near you here.

Lower you’re Cancer Risk:

Blood donation has also been exhibited to lessen the rate of cancer. Drawing off the blood, which is also related to phlebotomy, is a tremendous iron-balancing technique. This process helps to reduce the risk of cancer and mortality. We can curb these cancers through blood donation containing colon, liver, lung, esophagus, and stomach.

Burns Calories – helps lose weight:

Giving blood can provide your weight loss purposes a boost, and you can burn about 650 calories every time you donate blood. Another significant benefit of blood donation is the certainty that it helps burn fat and lose weight. A single blood donation can remove almost 650 calories, the same as jumping rope for 50 minutes.

Each time blood is donated, the body takes this much calorie action to recharge itself with blood. As a result, a regular donor is expected to present only once in 56 days. It also helps decrease cholesterol in the body and includes the artery-clogging assortment of fatty acids.

You get a quick, mini checkup:

Before you’re contemplated eligible to donate, you must first finish a simple physical exam and blood test. First, it assesses your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and additional. Next, a lab will test your blood for more than a dozen numerous infectious diseases, comprising HIV or West Nile virus. If anything comes back favorable, you’ll know right away.

Of course, there is no intention to skip your annual checkup with your primary care doctor or different health providers. However, it’s another way to observe possible health concerns: like blood pressure problems or low blood counts, that you can want your doctor about as a follow-up. Of course, you should never donate blood if you understand you might be sick or have been excavated to HIV or another virus.


There is a worldwide shortage of blood, and it’s your world too. Blood donations are critical as the world faces the worst drought in over a decade. 

Donate blood, stay healthy and save lives

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