AARP vs. AAA: Auto Insurance Comparison

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AARP and AAA offerings may overlap, but there are a few distinctions worth noting. While the organizations offer many services, the focus of this comparison is their auto insurance-related services. AAA provides car insurance coverage directly, while AARP provides car insurance through its partnership with The Hartford. Although each program offers a higher than average number of coverage options, there are some important differences.

AARP Auto Insurance Services

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, caters to seniors with its auto insurance offerings. Through The Hartford, AARP auto insurance is available through two of its membership options: Advantage and Advantage Plus. In addition to standard accident and bodily injury coverages, AARP’s insurance program includes coverage options to meet the needs of older drivers.

AARP membership is not required to qualify for auto insurance from The Hartford. Hartford is an independent insurance provider.

While some of these policy options are self-explanatory, here are some unique aspects of AARP’s policy features.

  • Lifetime Renewal – Your policy will automatically renew as long as you can drive and are paying your bill. However, this is currently not available in Hawaii, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, or Texas.
  • RecoverCare Service – Pays up to $2,500 for medical care after an accident. Caregiving is defined as help with housework, grocery shopping, transportation, cooking, cleaning, or other activities you are unable to do after a car accident.
  • One Deductible – Refers to a single deductible for your home and auto policies if you also purchase a home insurance policy from The Hartford using AARP’s Advantage Plus package.

AAA car insurance plans

Although AAA is best known for its roadside assistance program, the organization also sells auto insurance. AAA auto insurance offers are similar to other auto insurance companies. See below for the advertised features of AAA auto insurance.

Roadside Assistance Comparison: AAA vs. AARP

AARP and AAA offer two of the most popular roadside assistance programs. The AARP program is provided through Allstate, while AAA operates its own affiliate network in the US The organizations’ tiered membership offers similar roadside assistance packages.

What does AARP roadside assistance cover?

AARP isn’t just an auto insurance provider. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization designed to help people over 50 years of age. AARP services include features related to auto and vehicle insurance. If you’re an AARP member, you can sign up for an Allstate-backed roadside assistance program. Unlike other roadside assistance programs, including Allstate’s standard offering, AARP provides a wide variety of services. The chart below shows what AARP covers.

AARP Roadside Assistance Coverage Options

  • Pathfinder Trip Routing Service: tips and maps on destinations in the US, Mexico and Canada.
  • Trip Interruption – If your vehicle breaks down as a result of an accident, you will be reimbursed up to $1,500 for travel expenses. You must be more than 100 miles from home to be eligible.
  • Auto Theft Reward – This will provide a monetary reward for information leading to the thief’s arrest if your vehicle is stolen.
  • Legal Defense Reimbursement – ​​Provides litigation defense in the event you are taken to court for a traffic violation. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Hospital Emergency Bonus – If you are injured more than 100 miles from home and need to provide evidence of financial responsibility at a hospital, this will provide support.
  • Arrest Bond Certificate: An AARP edition of a “get out of jail free” card. If you are arrested for a driving related offense (cannot be DUI/DWI related), you can use this coverage like a jail bond.
  • Highway Recreational Vehicle Coverage: You can add this coverage for $24 per year to receive two additional service calls.

AAA or AARP: Which Car Insurance is better?

If you are looking for a basic roadside assistance program, most insurance companies offer roadside assistance at a lower cost than AARP and AAA. If you are looking for additional benefits and service levels, compare the additional cost of AARP and AAA with the additional services you will receive.


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