How Do You Move a Murphy Bed?

There are some big mistakes to avoid when it comes to moving murphy beds. One of the most important things you can do is know how much your bed weighs and how many people will be helping you move it. If you don’t know how heavy your bed is, it can lead to injury, and if you don’t have enough people helping, it could take forever to move the bed on your own. These are just two examples of mistakes that can lead to poor results when you’re moving a murphy bed.

First, Remove the Mattress

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving a Murphy bed is forgetting to remove the mattress. The mattress is usually heavy and bulky, which makes it difficult to maneuver the bed. Additionally, the mattress can be damaged if it’s not removed properly. To avoid these problems, be sure to remove the mattress before attempting to move the bed.

Then, Move the Box Spring

The biggest mistake people make when moving a Murphy bed is trying to move the entire unit at once—box spring and all. This is not only incredibly difficult but also dangerous. The best way to move a Murphy bed is to first disassemble it and then move the box spring separately. Here’s how First, remove the headboard and side rails. Next, disconnect one of the four pins on each corner of the bed’s frame by pushing them outwards with your fingers or a small screwdriver. Then slide both sections away from each other until they are far enough apart that you can pull out one end of the box spring (again using your hands or screwdriver). Finally, repeat this process for the other three corners so that both halves of the mattress can be pulled out.

Lay it down from one end to another

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When it comes to moving a murphy bed, the biggest mistake you can make is trying to carry it upright. Murphy beds are designed to be folded down, so carrying it upright puts unnecessary strain on the frame and could cause it to break. Another mistake is not measuring the doorways and staircases in your home before you try to move the bed.

Raise the Bed Up

The first step is to raise the bed up. You’ll want to do this slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the frame. Once the bed is raised, take a look at the legs and make sure they’re all securely in place. If any of them seem loose or not aligned properly, fix it before moving on. Make sure to use furniture sliders so that the flooring doesn’t get scratched or damaged when you’re sliding it around.

Put It Back Together Again

It’s not as easy as it looks to put a Murphy bed back together again. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid when reassembling your space-saving, low-profile bed:

1) The best way to start is by opening the cabinet doors and laying out all of the pieces on your bedroom floor in their proper order.

2) Reattach all of the joints and screws before moving onto any other parts. Remember that many sets come with extra screws and/or pieces that can be used for additional support if needed.

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