Appliance insurance: everything you need to know about it

Appliance insurance

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives, so if an accident happens to the device, it can cause a lot of headaches. In the case of cars and real estate, it has long been a basic rule that they must be insured. And what about the hundreds of thousands of HUF smartphones? Is it worth insuring these devices?

First of all, let’s clarify what device AT&T insurance is good for and what options we have. 

About device insurance in general

In most cases, we take out insurance when buying a new device, but today we also have the option of insuring used smartphones. Insurance is usually a monthly service, which in most cases – just like when taking out a home loan – requires a deductible. After that, the insurance comes into effect, which can be used by paying an additional monthly fee.

It is worth saying a few words about the deductible. Many people ask the question: why is there a deductible if I also pay the amount of the insurance every month?

The deductible warns us to be careful, so even though many people don’t like it, it has a positive effect on the owner. Let’s think about it. CASCO must also be taken out for the car, which also requires the payment of the deductible. But after paying that, we take much better care of our car. (Some people like to protect their vehicles so much that they park in two spaces.)

The deductible also comes into a different light when, after a few days, we drop the phone out of our pocket, and its screen cracks in two. The insurance company pays the repair costs, no matter how big the damage, we only got into the party with the monthly fee and the one-time deductible.

The same thing was done by the person who is willing to move his laptop away from the desk in a padded carrier and walks down the street with the machine close to him. You can say that he takes much better care of the device than we do and still paid the deductible.

Who should take out device insurance?

This is the question, the answer to which is actually only influenced by our own ideas. Your first thought might be that it is only worth taking out device insurance for devices belonging to the higher price category, but this is not the case. Even a cheaper device can represent so much value to us that it is definitely worth taking out insurance for it. This could be the case, for example, if we have to make a lot of phone calls or chats because of our work.

It is also worth considering that this is a constant burden on our budget since we can usually use the service with a monthly payment. There can be significant differences in price between different packages, ranging from a few hundred forints to several thousand forints. The lower packages provide assistance in case of fewer types of damage, while with larger insurances, you can count on financial compensation even in the event of theft.

Considering our own skills can also influence whether we need insurance. If you have a reputation as a big phone thrower, then it can definitely be justified to take out device insurance, especially if you buy an expensive device. (I’ve been using a smartphone since 2008, and I’ve never broken a device, so I didn’t think it was important to take out insurance. However, in the future, if I buy a more expensive device, there’s a good chance I’ll take out device insurance.)

In what cases does the insurance company pay?

The most common damage experienced in the case of smartphones is of course cracking or breaking the display. Although manufacturers strive to develop better and more durable screens, the age of unbreakable displays has not yet arrived. Repairs or replacements that can be requested in the event of a broken display are part of all device insurance.

Another common problem that is covered by most insurance policies is a failure caused by contact with water or other liquids. Nowadays, more and more smartphones have the ability to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without permanent damage. 

However, not all of them can do this, even among the more expensive devices. Unfortunately, this type of malfunction causes irreparable damage to the phone in many cases, so it is less often covered by insurance.

It is also worth mentioning the internal failure, which can also occur due to external influences such as impact during dropping or excessive heat. 

Although no insurance company will pay for the unexplained loss of your phone, some insurance companies will cover the loss if your phone is stolen as a result of a robbery.

When does the insurance company not pay?

As I mentioned in the previous chapter, none of the insurance covers cases where we leave the device due to our own fault. So if we leave it in a nightclub or on public transport and it falls out of our coat pocket and we only notice it later, there’s no need to call the insurance company, they won’t help us.

In some cases, the validity of the insurance is also tied to an age limit. Some service providers limit this to the age of 18, while others to 14, so if, for example, a 14-year-old has a phone, we cannot ensure the device with most service providers.

It is striking that all of these insurances can be linked to damage to the physical condition of the device. This can be explained by the fact that none of the insurance companies deal with data protection, so no insurance company offers the possibility to protect the data and information stored on the device.

Where can you get device insurance?

Device insurance for mobile service providers

Of course, all mobile service providers deal with device insurance, so if you buy a new mobile phone from one of the service providers, you can add this extra service to your package on the spot.

This can be a good choice for those who need insurance but want to get it done as quickly as possible with minimal energy investment. Of course, we can also take out insurance afterward with a service provider, but if we take the time to do so, it might be worth looking around in the hope of better offers.

Business box device insurance

One of the biggest advantages of Businessbox is that they provide an opportunity for Zero deductible devices insurance also binding. If the damage occurred through no fault of our own, we are not obliged to pay a deductible for repairs. This applies if we have done everything we can to protect the device from possible damage. (Use the mobile phone in a case with a protective film.)

Revolut device insurance

Revolut provides more and more coverage when it comes to financial and other economic transactions. Of course, we can knit with them devise insurance and, moreover, under very favorable conditions.

The insurance taken out with them is valid in case of breakage caused by dropping, cracked screen, damage caused by liquid, damage caused by others, or non-warranty defects. In addition, we can even extend the insurance to several devices, which can be clearly beneficial if you actively use several phones.

Simple device insurance

We also have the option in the Simple application device insurance to bind. Simple provides two different packages. One is the so-called Basic package, in which case the insurance covers screen breakage.

If you choose the Extra package, the insurance also covers theft damage, be it burglary, robbery or theft by pickpocketing. In the case of Simple insurance, no compensation is provided if the device was with a child under the age of 14 at the time of the damage.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the services provided by both Revolut and Simple is simplicity and speed. By entering the given application, the selected service can be activated by pressing a few buttons.

Important: Whether you plan to take out device insurance with a mobile service provider or through an application, be sure to read the General Terms and Conditions. These are extremely boring readings, which is why very few people chew their way through them, but it is worth being aware of what conditions we accept when concluding a deal, especially when it comes to insurance affecting our property.

Is it possible to get insurance for a used phone?

Of course, we can also take out insurance for used devices. However, not all service providers offer this option, so it is worth looking into whether it is possible to ensure a previously purchased device. Both Revolut and Simple can help you in this case.

Overall, it can be said that taking out device insurance is worth it in many cases. In addition to the fact that we must strive to ensure the highest degree of protection, it may be worthwhile to spend a small amount on this option as well, since it may happen that even a glass film or a phone case does not protect the device from damage, and in such cases, we can still call the insurance company as a backup option.

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