Buying Thermal Paper: What Else You Need to Consider Other Than the Price

The thermal paper refers to a special type of paper that is coated with a layer of a chemical that changes its color when it is exposed to heat. It is known for its durability and offers high-definition print results. Thermal paper is used in thermal printers such as POS, fax, and credit or debit card machines. Thermal paper comes with various benefits. However, you must look for some factors and qualities while buying a paper to ensure that you get all its benefits.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some of the most important tips that you should know before purchasing thermal paper rolls.

1.  High versus low sensitivity thermal paper

Before purchasing the thermal paper, you must understand the paper’s sensitivity. Thermal paper sensitivity refers to the level at which a certain thermal paper reacts to a specific amount of heat or energy. Therefore, while purchasing the best quality paper, you must check out the paper’s sensitivity. In addition to this, the high or low sensitivity of the paper determines the quality of the print. Apart from the print quality, it also determines the shelf-life of the printed document.

Here, you should also know that the printer’s heat and the sensitivity of the thermal paper have an inverse correlation. For instance, if the printer delivers a high heat level, it will provide a good print on thermal paper with low sensitivity.

2.  The thickness of the thermal paper

POS or ATM thermal paper manufactured from the thick layers of materials is of higher quality. In addition, they are more durable than thermal papers made with thin layers of material. Hence, you should always go for thick thermal paper.

3.  Moisture Tolerance

There are some thermal papers that lose their legibility if they are exposed to moisture. Therefore, you should keep your thermal paper in a suitable environment and ask about the moisture tolerance of the thermal paper before buying it. Thermal paper coated with a polypropylene film is moisture resistant. Hence, it is also ideal for thermal papers that can get exposed to a moist environment.

4.  Quantity of thermal paper

It is always better to purchase thermal paper rolls in bulk as many thermal paper manufacturers offer great discounts on bulk orders. Therefore, if you have a high demand for thermal paper rolls, you can consider placing your order in bulk.

5.  Temperature Tolerance

Another important point you must remember while purchasing thermal paper rolls is checking their temperature tolerance. Usually, the thermal paper gets damaged at a temperature level that exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature level can reach some storage spaces or vehicles. Therefore, you should store thermal papers carefully. Otherwise, you can also buy thermal papers made up of materials that can withstand a certain level of high temperature.

6.  Thermal paper size

One of the most important points you must remember while purchasing a thermal paper is the correct thermal paper size. Thermal paper comes in different lengths and sizes according to the machine’s specifications. Therefore, buying the wrong size of thermal paper for your thermal printer can damage the printer. Therefore, you must ensure that you purchase the right thermal printer paper roll size.

7.  Check Thermal paper sheets quality

You should purchase the best quality paper because the thickness and quality of the thermal paper determine the print quality and durability. Also, the quality of the thermal papers determines their price. For example, bright thermal papers often cost more because they also improve ink legibility. In addition, because of their high contrast level, the bright thermal paper also gives better print quality. On the other hand, dull papers offer low ink legibility and poor contrast. In addition to that, they can also cause paper jamming and damage the printer.

What are the benefits of using the best quality thermal paper?

A good quality thermal paper comes with a wide range of benefits. Let’s discuss a few of the major benefits of using thermal paper: –

  • Versatility

Thermal paper enables you to print high-quality images in no time. Moreover, this technology is useful in various industries due to its versatility. Thermal paper is preferred in those industries where print accuracy is required the most. In addition, retailers also use thermal paper for POS applications because thermal printing offers fast and accurate results.

  • Cost-effective 

You do not need ink to print on thermal papers, which makes them more cost-effective. Thermal paper coating process ensures that the paper comes with a chemical coating that activates when exposed to the heat of the thermal printhead. Hence, you don’t have to spend money on ink cartridges or ribbons.

  • Increased speed

Thermal printers are faster than other printers and create accurate images or prints in milliseconds. Therefore, the increased speed enables faster printing.

  • Less maintenance cost

Another perk of buying thermal paper is its reduced maintenance cost because fewer moving parts are required to operate a thermal printer.

  • No Smudges

Unlike ink cartridges and ribbons, thermal paper rolls do not leave any smudges after printing and help you produce high-definition and smudge-free prints.

  • Streamlined business operations

With faster and more accurate printing, you can complete all the thermal printing-related tasks in no time.

Where can we use thermal paper?

Apart from image printing, thermal paper is used in various other sectors to facilitate and maintain records. Let’s discuss some of the common applications of thermal paper rolls: –

  • ATM receipts
  • Thermal papers are also used to print healthcare or medical documents.
  • The thermal paper also plays a vital role in businesses that need clear, accurate, and efficient prints. For example, it is used to print tickets for cinemas, amusement parks, museums, or other places.


This blog has discussed all the tips you should follow while purchasing thermal paper. We hope that the information mentioned in this blog will help you choose the right quality thermal paper at the most reasonable price.

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