Dreaming of a baby: what does it mean and how to interpret this dream?

Dreaming of a baby: what does it mean and how to interpret this dream?

Do you dream of babies? This is common and can symbolize several things. What is the meaning of dreaming about a baby? Discover the nature of the message sent by your unconscious!

Expression of a vital and primitive force, the infant symbolizes the new life. It can appear in dreams in different forms and at a particular period of life. In fact, dreaming of babies is not something rare, quite the contrary. Whether you plan to get pregnant, become a father, see yourself as an infant or attend a childbirth… No matter what form it takes, the dream of a baby usually invokes a new situation in your life.

In general, women are more affected by this type of dream. This is explained in particular by the importance of motherhood in the dream of a baby, which has a connection with the female body and the desire to become pregnant. Dreaming of a baby: what meanings depending on the situation? Explanations.

Meaning of the baby dream according to Freud

The Freudian current presents a particular approach to dreaming of babies. According to the Freudian interpretation, dreaming of an infant or several babies could be directly related to the need to return to a more natural and primitive state, as a call to the vital form of birth that can sometimes be missing during life. . In his sleep, the dreamer expresses his desire to return to a state of dependence on his environment, and more particularly on his mother. It would therefore be a return to the sources, to the first ages of the infant’s life.

It may also reflect fear of the future and possible future health issues. The baby dream also symbolizes the difficulty in growing up and with it, in bearing new responsibilities. One who dreams of babies could also express anxiety about coming to terms with their sexuality and mature desire. ​​​​​​​

Dreaming of baby: Jungian approach to the situation

In the Jungian approach (which takes its name from the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung), the interpretation of this type of dream is significantly different. During their early years, children express renewal in dreams. During sleep, the child symbolizes happiness and suggests trusting in the future by listening to his desire and driving out fear. This type of dream is also a symbol of a new beginning.

Anyone who sees a baby in their dreams may feel the urge to experience new happiness, the need for a new positive project in their life. It can also be a sign of a personality full of innocence and the search for a new creative approach.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, there are other meanings to the fact of dreaming of a baby: it can follow a dream of death as if to signify renewal, something new that is born. If this dream reoccurs, the sleeper could then wonder about the upcoming arrival of an event directly related to a major life change. When the dream is unpleasant, even terrifying, then it can be an expression of a restrained creativity, a feeling of suffocation or a feeling of vulnerability in one’s personality.

Contemporary interpretation of the infant dream

Georges Romey, researcher in dream science, is a specialist in the meaning of dreams. His work shows the importance and the attention that must be brought by the dreamer to the dreams he has by learning in particular to distinguish between several types of events. And more particularly to the dreams of children, babies and fetuses. According to him, these elements should be approached in a different way, with varying interpretations.

If you dream of babies, Georges Romey suggests that it is a projection into the future, between your personality and your primitive feelings related to birth. Indeed, the baby serves as a border between the individual in himself and the group as a collective. This border is the sign of what cannot yet be expressed by the verb but only by babbling, therefore what does not yet have its own word. The infant dreamed of at night carries both the regression of the early years where reliance on the mother figure is crucial and the hope of future fulfillment with a future punctuated with joy and trouble. Sometimes the baby symbolizes a girl or a boy (especially someone from her family) and reflects the dreamer’s wish to become pregnant.

Baby dream examples and meanings

Do you dream of a crying baby in its crib? This may be a sign that you are not paying due attention to one of your physical or intellectual abilities. However, you need it to set up a project that is dear to you. Your unconscious sends you a message: you surely have interesting creative capacities to take into consideration to carry out the entrusted mission. Do not hesitate to make your dream speak and to ask yourself about what is calling for your full faculties at this very moment…

If you dream of young children with fragile health and a doctor to take care of them, it can be a harbinger of a lack of energy. Check your state of health, take care of yourself more and why not, if you feel the need, make an appointment for a complete check-up with your doctor. It can also be a symbol of overwork and in the worst case, burnout. This type of dream calls for special attention to your general health and fitness.

Finally, if you dream that a woman snatches a baby from your arms pretending that it is hers, it could mean that you give too much time to the happiness of someone or others overall. Meaning, not enough time for your own happiness. This type of dream is conducive to questioning: do you devote enough time and energy to your own joy? It is probably time to take your personal happiness head on.

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