Musical analysis of the Mathematics and Physics Society’s self-titled album

The Math and Physics Society is an independent pop (or independent rock band) in Seattle, Washington. These are Charles Bert (vocals / accent guitar), Kevin Emerson (trumpet), Ethan Jones (bass / keyboards), James Were (guitar) and Saundra Humphrey (violin). Founded in 2004, they have released three EPs and one full-length album through Matinee Recordings in Santa Barbara. Their genre also includes chirping, and Pitchfork Media says their songs are described as “music to keep.” Suitable for most drug addicted couples!

The Math and Physics Club is great to listen to.

You can listen to music all day while enjoying music. There is no complaint about his voice (and the rest of the math and physics club) and the simplicity of these stories, but the stunning music and words left no trace in me.

The album opens with “Darling, Please Come Home,” which is such an attractive song that I think it’s one of the best songs on this album. The guitar of this song repeats our ears in a friendly rhythm and tempo, and I can’t let the guitar play every time I hear this song. When Charles sings, “Honey, please, are you coming home …” I know they have me, they make me think about that song all the time. Wonderful and beautiful opening! I imagine myself constantly saying, “Tsar, will you not come home, please …”

“I know what I want” is perfect if you are planning a wedding!

The song in this song is so soothing and recognizes the words of that song: “How did you know me so well? You smile, but you never say that I know what I have.” “Listen to Charles’ lovely voice, how good this song is! He sings as effortlessly as the rest of the math and physics clubs join his guitars, bass, drums and even the violin. It’s short music, but it’s definitely worth it.

Stop complaining about the days when it rains and see the “Rain of April.”

For some reason, I feel like Charles is singing about one of his dates. 풀싸롱 talks about how amazing rain can be (you can replace “Rain” with “Rain”) when you’re with someone you love. Charles says, “Not in any place where I would be better off under my umbrella, even though it’s raining all the time.” I play bog music every time I hear a sound / lot playing the guitar.  Rain in April Although I prefer October, my birthday!

“Holidays and Saturdays” is a slow-moving piece of music and shows the versatility of a math and physics club. These are already very good with medium and fast stories. “Holidays and Saturdays” is just one story that shows a slow story. Picnic in the park, croquet on the lawn, stay awake and chat until dawn. These are the things we do on the weekends, right? Great way to slow down an album.

It’s fast! It sometimes has a few starts and stops, but it still makes a good song. I wonder which of Lisa (the girl he met / saw in the club?) Charles sings, loves her so much, dies to hold her hand, dies to kiss her, and dies to be with her. He continues, “I would only die for one kiss, just for the opportunity to hold hands .” The Math and Physics Club is just so smart that it writes such humorous words. There must be a lot between him and Lisa.

Bella! A good step that makes me thinks more. “We were in love, but look at us now. They still seem so in love. Look at us now. ” adds Charles, then comes the guitar solo, followed by the violin solo, what a joke in such a short song!

“You’ll Miss Me” is the second slow track on the album.

 This is one of my favorite songs on this album. I just love guitar, bass, piano, violin and even singing that song. It found its way into my heart at the first hearing. Charles says, “I should never leave it that long, but I dare say you miss me .” and then he says it’s so good again! Choir, piano enters on time. It was really awesome!

“Cold as Minnesota” is very sweet and thick at first.

Bass himself is the best asset of this song. After the applause, this is one of the most dance songs on the album

Happy Reading!!!!

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