Things to Consider when Buying a Hyundai Car in India

Buying a car takes a lot of research, understanding, analysis, and financing. You must also check the vehicle specifications, mileage, appearance, features, and more. Hyundai is one of the best car manufacturers in India, and it has a wide range of car models and multiple features. 

If you are planning to buy a Hyundai car, you need to consider a few things beforehand to make the right choice. From deciding the budget to purchasing car insurance online, there are various factors that you need to check.

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Top 7 Things to Look for While Buying a Hyundai Car

  1. Consider Budget and Car Loans

Hyundai offers multiple car models with prices ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 45 lakhs. So, before buying a Hyundai car, you need to fix a budget you can afford. It may happen that you visit the showroom deciding to buy a Grand i10, and the salesperson convinces you to buy a Creta N, which is almost double your budget. So, you need to stick to your budget and choose a model that fits in.

You can check the loan options while choosing a Hyundai car model to ease your financial burden. If you have a decent credit score, you can easily get a car loan and pay the price with easy instalments. 

Banks and NBFCs offer car loans at various interest rates. Before borrowing the loan, you can check for multiple options and use an online car EMI calculator to determine the payable amount per month. 

  1. Know your Needs

Budget is not the only consideration when choosing a car model. You should also prioritise your requirements. If you are looking for a family car, 5-seater sedans like Verna, Aura, etc. can be the right fit. 

However, hatchbacks are great picks if you want to use the car for one or two persons. Hyundai has various models in the hatchback and SUV sections as well. So, decide your requirements and pick the right model. 

  1. Run a Research

Considering the variety in models, fuel types, and engine options, you may get confused about which one to choose. Researching various models within your budget can help you choose the right one that suits your needs. Hyundai cars are available in petrol, diesel, and CNG fuel types. 

You can also find sustainable options like electric vehicles. The engine capacity, mileage, and other specifications differ from one model to the other. So, before selecting any model, go through all these specifications. 

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  1. Car Insurance

Another essential requirement when buying a Hyundai car is to insure your vehicle. As per the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act, every vehicle owner must at least buy a third-party insurance policy while purchasing a car. Thus, car insurance is a legal requirement to cover third-party liabilities. 

However, you can opt for comprehensive policies and get your own damage coverage as well as third-party coverage. So, check out car insurance offers online and buy an insurance policy that provides maximum coverage.

  1. After-sales Support

One crucial aspect to consider while buying a car is whether the company provides after-sales support, and Hyundai stands out brilliantly in this regard. Companies providing after-sales support offer peace of mind, as you can reach out to them regarding any issues.  

  1. Nearest Service Centres

When you plan to buy a car from Hyundai, you need to check if a service centre is nearby. After purchasing a vehicle, you will need car servicing and other services. Thus, it is essential to have a service centre close to your place so you can reach it conveniently, even in an emergency. 

  1. Build Quality

A car’s build quality is one of the essential factors to consider when deciding to purchase it. Sturdy build quality promises passenger safety and vehicle integrity for long-lasting periods. Thus, a sudden jerk or minor collision will not damage your car and will offer maximum comfort. 

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Thus, you should consider the abovementioned points before purchasing a Hyundai car. Make sure you purchase the car from authorised Hyundai dealers to avail yourself of maximum benefits, 24/7 customer support, after-sales assistance, and more. Besides, you should research the insurance providers and their products before buying car insurance online for your all-new Hyundai car.