Few Ways to Keep Your Car Clutter-Free

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If you’re the owner of a car, you know how tricky it can be to keep it all in order. Organizing your car is great for reducing clutter in your vehicle. Alongside, it can also save time when you need to find important items like your keys or sunglasses. There are a few simple steps that will help you keep your car clutter-free.

Use Folders and Bins to Organize Everything

Organize your car using storage containers.  They will help you to categorize everything, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also use the space under the seat in your car for storage – perfect for blankets, pillows, etc. Also, a dustbin for car helps to dispose of waste items easily. 

Hang Portable Items from the Rear-view Mirror

Keeping your car spick and span is much easier when you have some storage solutions on the rear-view mirror. These include using baskets for things like sunglasses, phone chargers, and snacks. Alongside, installing a magnetic board to hang maps and sunglasses, makes it easy to keep things in order. You can shop for car modified accessories online. 

Get a Designated Storage Area

Keeping your car neat is a great way to keep your car clutter-free. Plus, it’s also important to have designated storage areas for different seasons. Cleaning out your car regularly and putting everything away properly will make life more organized and easy overall! Start by creating a dedicated storage area for all loose items like coats, sunglasses, etc. – this will help keep things clean and organized. 

Keep Essential Items in the Trunk to Keep Your Car Clutter-free.

A clutter-free car not only looks good but also makes driving a lot easier. By hiding clutter in less visible places, you’ll free up space and make your vehicle more efficient. 

A storage system is another great way to keep your belongings in one place and avoid having to search through them whenever you need something. Keep essential items like sunglasses, snacks, and a first-aid kit readily available by packing them in the trunk of your car. Store excess items in the attic or garage; you’ll never have to look for them again!

Hack Your Glove Compartment for Storage

It’s never too late to get your car in order. By storing unnecessary items in the glove compartment, you can free up storage space elsewhere and keep your car clean. Several clever and simple hacks will help you organize CDs and DVDs, prevent dirty clothes from taking up space, and hang up wet clothes efficiently.

Store Grocery Bags in the Trunk

Keeping your car clean and organized can help you save time and make life easier. One way to do this is by storing grocery bags in the trunk. This will reduce the clutter on the floor of your car and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Another great idea is to store toys, books, or other small items in the glove compartment. 

! If space inside your car is an issue, consider using a shopping bag instead. Not only does it take up less room, but it also helps keep all of your shopping essentials together. Therefore, you don’t have to search through different pockets or bags multiple times during one trip.  Lastly, always carry a phone charger with you in emergencies – never know when something might come up!

Keep All Loose Items Secured With Bungee Cords

Keeping your car neat is a good way to look good and a smart way to stay safe on the roads. Use bungee cords to secure all loose items- such as phones, sunglasses, and binoculars. This way you will avoid accidents and keep your car clutter-free. Not only that, but you’ll be able to find what you are looking for quickly and without hassle!

Label Every Storage Container in Your Car

Labelling every storage container in your car can help to reduce clutter and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. When you get new items, put them together with the old ones and label the box accordingly! If there are only a few pieces of clutter, try to find a system for storing them – like using baskets or drawers. 

However, if there is a lot of clutter, begin by sorting through everything and putting things where they belong. This might mean moving some items into larger containers or taking some apart so they can be more easily accessed. The goal is to create an environment where clutter is minimalized, and everything has its place! 


If your car is feeling a little chaotic, you might be suffering from “chaos creep”. It’s easy to let a few possessions pile up in the back seat of your car or trunk and before long, it looks like there’s an avalanche of clutter coming out whenever you open the door. In this post, we gave you tips on how to keep your car clutter-free so that it retains its minimalist feel while still keeping all those essential things handy. Visit Carorbis to purchase the best car accessories.

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