What Is the Distinction Between Restaurant and Kitchen Consultants?

You have years of experience in the restaurant industry. You have seen the best, the worst, and the ugliest. Now, though, you’re prepared to advance your profession. You want a career as a consultant. However, what distinguishes a restaurant consultant from a commercial kitchen consultant? This is a frequent inquiry that we get. And it’s a legitimate one! Ultimately, both kinds of consultants provide comparable services. In this article, we shall compare and contrast these two sorts of consultants. We will tell you everything you need to know about their services and their ideal customers so you can choose the right course.

What is a restaurant consultant for?

A restaurant consultant is someone who assists restaurant owners and managers with professional advice. They assist with all elements of restaurant management, from the menu to the interior design, and may even aid with financial concerns. The goal of restaurant consultants, who often have years of experience in the field, is to make restaurants run better and make more money.

Commercial kitchen consultants are comparable to restaurant consultants, except they specialize in the kitchen sector of a foodservice business. They provide guidance on layout, equipment, workflow, and employee training. Consultants for commercial kitchens often have culinary experience, and their objective is to improve kitchen efficiency and food quality.

What is a Consultant for Commercial Kitchens?

A consultant for commercial kitchens is a specialist that helps in the planning and design of commercial kitchens. They collaborate with architects, engineers, and constructors to design kitchen layouts that are efficient and tailored to the client’s demands. In addition to helping choose equipment and appliances, experts in commercial kitchens can also give advice on how to run food service and make menus.

The Distinction Between Two

There are a number of significant distinctions between restaurant consultants and commercial kitchen consultants. For one thing, restaurant advisors concentrate on the whole eating experience, from the food and service to the d├ęcor and environment. Additionally, they may provide advice on personnel training and management. In contrast, commercial kitchen experts concentrate mostly on the food itself. They may assist with menu creation, ingredient procurement, and kitchen layout. They may also provide guidance on food safety and effective kitchen operations.

There are a number of significant distinctions between restaurant consultants and commercial kitchen consultants. First, restaurant consultants generally have more foodservice business expertise than industrial kitchen consultants. In addition, they often have a greater understanding of the front-of-house and back-of-house operations of a restaurant.

In contrast, commercial kitchen consultants often have greater expertise in the building or design industries. They may be better able to assist with the design and implementation of a kitchen enlargement or makeover. Additionally, they may have a greater understanding of commercial kitchen equipment and layout possibilities.

Consider your goals and objectives when selecting the type of consultant to engage for your project. A restaurant consultant can be a smart choice if you need assistance with the general management of your restaurant. If you want help with a particular project, such as a kitchen makeover, a commercial kitchen expert may be more suitable.

Which One Do You Require?

When considering whether you need a restaurant consultant or a commercial kitchen consultant, there are numerous aspects to consider. Here are some important distinctions between the two:

  • Consultants for restaurants usually have worked in and managed restaurants, while consultants for commercial kitchens have usually worked in hotels and catering companies.
  • Restaurant consultants focus on making menus, running the front of the house, and marketing, while commercial kitchen consultants focus on designing the kitchen, choosing the right equipment, and making sure the food is safe.
  • Most of the time, restaurant consultants work with well-known restaurants, but commercial kitchen consultants can help both new and well-known businesses.
  • Consultants for restaurants often charge by the hour or by the project, but consultants for industrial kitchens may charge a monthly fee or a percentage of the entire project cost.
  • Generally, restaurant consultants deal with establishments of all sizes, although commercial kitchen consultants may specialize in either small or big enterprises.


The distinction between a restaurant consultant and a commercial kitchen consultant is substantial. A restaurant consultant assists with the general operation and administration of a restaurant, while a commercial kitchen consultant assists with the design and layout of the kitchen. If you want to build a restaurant or fix up an old one, it’s important to find the right kind of consultant.

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