How To Secure A Synthetic Hair Extensions

If you’re one of us, you’re well aware of how synthetic hair can give you a double edge. It must feel like a dream to wake up to a fabulous look that maintains its style throughout the day, doesn’t it? However, wigs falling off, blowing off, sliding off, being ripped off, and sliding around are some nightmares we hope never come true. Fortunately, there are some ways to steer clear of such mishaps. Here are some ways to keep your extensions intact round the clock. 

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#1. Secure Your Hair Extensions With Bobby Pins 

You’ve probably used bobby pins to keep your hair in place and tame flyaways. But did you know you can use them to secure your synthetic hair extensions? Bobby pins ensure a secure hold from the time you put your hair extensions online shopping on in the morning until you remove it before going to bed. Bobby pins come in various shapes and sizes, so make sure the pin is comfortable enough to wear for a longer duration.  

#2. With Clips

Clips are an effective way to keep your synthetic hair in place. Clip in hair streaks can make it easier to put on and remove your extensions. To keep your hair tight, sew into the inside of your extension and then clip into your natural hair. Triple check in the mirror to make sure your hair is straight and doesn’t fall out. 

#3. Double-Sided Tape 

If your hair is not cooperative, use this to secure it. Place the tape wherever you want inside the wig, or cut a piece in half if you don’t need a full piece. It is right to use in areas where you do not have hair or if you are wearing tape-ins. Before applying, ensure your roots are free of any buildup products and oil. Also, avoid touching the sticky tape with your fingers.  

#4. Bold Hold Glue

Glue provides a stronghold, especially because it comes in various strengths, ranging from a lighter grip that is a safe bet for sensitive scalps to a tight grip that is ideal for hitting the gym. But, it can take a great deal of effort and time to remove and install. So, If you want to remove your extension during the day, bobby pins and clips will be more useful.

Plus, you don’t have to risk leaving some parts of your extensions visible. And because glue dries clear, you can be certain of a more seamless look. If you’re on the go, consider the best synthetic hair extensions that are pliable to any styling tools to keep your hair safe.

Now that we’ve gone through the options for securing your hair extension, let’s look into which one is best suited for your natural hair: 

#1. For Bald Patches 

If you’re bald, you have a lot of options for getting a good grip. Instead of bobby pins and clips, one of the best bets is to use glue. You can achieve an enviably firm hold with glue while leaving no trace of it. 

#2. For Short Hair 

Having short hair also makes it easier to use bobby pins or clips. Bobby pins, clips, or elastic are the best options. However, for a stronghold, you can also use glue around the edges. 

#3. For Long Thick Hair 

Wearing headband hair extensions with long thick hair may be more difficult, but it is doable. The most important factor is to blend the extensions with your natural hair seamlessly. Applying bobby pins and clips will ensure that your extension is firmly secured. 

So there you have it. You now know the best ways to keep your hair extensions in place. Use bobby pins or clips to create a classic beginner Layered Hair Style, or use elastics or glue to create a sturdy and seamless hold. And whatever method you choose, make sure to protect your scalp.

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