Why Regular Office Upholstery Cleaning Should Be Followed by All?

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Companies depend on routine office cleanings to maintain facilities hygienically and fresh. Among the locations that are cleaned regularly are floors, surfaces, bathrooms, and workstations. Your office’s upholstery is one area that is frequently missed while cleaning, though.

Many businesses put off taking care of upholstery cleaning until the furniture is visibly soiled, whether as a result of spills made by employees or a lack of cleaning. However, neglecting to clean the upholstery on your office furniture regularly can negatively impact the health of your staff and increase the frequency at which you need to replace your furniture.

Regular Commercial Upholstery Cleaning: Why this is important?

Maintaining clean upholstery with cleaners upholstery Singapore goes beyond maintaining a professional workspace. Additionally, it lengthens the life of your furniture. Regular cleaning preserves the value of your furniture investment by extending the time between replacement and use. This is so that dirt and other things that harm the components of furniture may be removed throughout the upholstery cleaning procedure.

Regular workplace upholstery cleaning also encourages a healthy work atmosphere. Upholstery on your furniture and office panels serves as a filter for allergies, dust, and dust mites, just like carpet does. If you don’t frequently clean your upholstery, filth and allergens can accumulate in the fabric and harm the health of your workers.

For instance, those who are exposed to dust regularly may get irritated eyes, hay fever, asthma attacks, and other conditions.

These are just a few of the explanations for why your company needs frequent commercial upholstery cleanings.

Why should you look for commercial upholstery cleaning?

So how frequently should the upholstery in your workplace be cleaned?

The sort of business, size, and frequency of usage of your furniture all go into the answer. However, we normally advise having the upholstery in your workplace professionally cleaned at least once every six to twelve months.

Outside of routine preventive maintenance cleanings, there are a few situations in the workplace that may call for more frequent upholstery cleaning:

When personnel changes occur:

Any time there are personnel or office changes, whether an employee is switching desks or quitting the firm, complete upholstery cleaning is required. When a staff member changes, you should clean all upholstered surfaces in their office, including desk chairs and cubicle panels, for hygienic reasons.

When cubicle arrangements change:

Businesses frequently overlook cleaning the upholstery on cubicle panels. Although they are rarely handled, cushioned panels nonetheless gather undesired debris.

When rearranging cubicle areas, it’s a good idea to clean the cubicle panels. Your professional office cleaner part time will have simple access to difficult-to-reach portions of the panels once the panels have been disassembled.

Additionally, if panels are shifted, you can discover dirt or grime stains from the prior arrangement of the furniture. The upholstered cubicle panels will look fine in their new locations if they have been cleaned.

In daycare and medical facilities:

The presence of too many germs and bacteria is especially common in childcare and medical facilities. As a result, upholstery in these spaces has to be cleaned more frequently than in typical commercial settings.

When deciding how frequently to clean the upholstery, you should take into account where it is located and how easily it becomes soiled. For instance, waiting room chairs at a doctor’s office may require more frequent cleaning than other types of furniture.


Operating a bank, hospital, office, or factory demands a lot of focus and effort. Studies reveal that one of the most frequently disregarded duties is cleaning workplace furniture. The on-site maintenance team cleans tables, empties trash cans, and does other housekeeping duties, but they often stop short of giving the furniture a complete cleaning.

Probably not their area of expertise knows how to clean industrial furniture. The experts will ensure that your furniture is cleaned using the best materials and procedures following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

To complete the task correctly, the office upholstery cleaners exclusively employ professional, uniformed technicians. Because their reputation is on the line, they make sure that each customer receives services that are specifically tailored to meet their needs and that satisfaction is assured.

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