How to wake someone up

It can sometimes be difficult to wake someone up, especially if that person is a deep sleeper. You might try an indirect approach, especially if you don’t have a good reason to wake her up (like if she has to go to work). You can also try a more direct method, or if you’re brave and not afraid to upset her, you can play a joke on her. Otherwise, if this person is sleepwalking, it is best that you help them get back to bed without waking them up, if possible.

Method 1. Use indirect techniques

1. Shine the light 

Open the curtains or shutters, because sunlight is the best technique! However, if there is no window or it is still dark outside, you could simply turn on the ceiling light or any other light in the bedroom.

  • The light tells the body it’s time to wake up, that’s why you can wake someone up by turning on the light.

2. Use an appetizing smell

Open the bedroom door and go to the kitchen. Fry bacon or bake cakes. The smell of coffee also works very well. In general, the smell of food should be enough to wake someone who is sleeping.

  • If you don’t have time, use the microwave! Heat bacon or pastries.
  • If the smell spreading through the house is not enough, you can also bring him breakfast in bed. In addition to helping him wake up, he’ll feel like you’re doing him a favor and currying his good graces.

3. Put the alarm clock away from the bed 

If that person can just turn in bed to postpone waking up, they will stay in bed longer. If you put the alarm clock further away (even if it’s her smartphone), she’ll have to get up to turn it off, which should wake her up.

Tip: If she hasn’t set the alarm clock, you can do it for her and leave it by the bed. She’ll probably think she fixed it and forgot about it.

4. Adjust the temperature 

If you have a little time on your hands, you can also wake someone up by changing the temperature. For example, try turning on the fan or setting the air conditioning to a lower temperature. Alternatively, you can also try increasing the temperature. The change should take a bit of time, but more often than not it should be enough to make him feel uncomfortable and wake him up.

  • If you changed the indoor temperature of the whole house, it could also make you uncomfortable!
  • You can also open the window if it is very hot or cold outside.

5. Make some noise in the room

Go into the room where this person is sleeping and make some noise. Be careful not to overdo it or you’ll wake him up and put him in a bad mood. Just making a little bit of noise, like picking up something and putting it back on the table, should be enough.

  • You might also make some noise as you open the door to “peek” before closing it.

6. Make noise in the rest of the house 

Bang pans in the kitchen or slam doors. Turn on the television in the next room. The noises in the house will surely wake him up.

  • You can also run the water in the bathroom or chat with someone outside their bedroom door.

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Method 2. Use more direct methods

1. Say “hello” with a raised voice

This simple and straightforward technique is a classic. Your voice should be enough to wake him up and at the same time you let him know it’s time to wake up without saying more.

  • If he responds with a moan, keep going. He’s awake, but he doesn’t want to get up. Remind him of the things he has to do during the day and try to tempt him with coffee or breakfast.
  • You can also try gently touching him on the shoulder to wake him up.

2. Ring his phone. 

Crank up the volume! Then leave him in the same room and call him from another phone. If you put him far enough away from his bed, he’ll have to get up to find out who’s calling him.

  • You can also ring his alarm clock if you want.

3. Turn up the TV sound

If there’s a television in the room where he sleeps, turn it on and zap to one of his favorite shows before turning up the volume louder. You could also choose an annoying cartoon. Whatever you choose, the light and noise coming from the device should be enough to wake it up.

  • Don’t turn it up so high that it makes you too uncomfortable. All you have to do is crank up the sound to a volume that will keep him from sleeping.

4. Use his pet to your advantage

A dog or cat can be the perfect way to wake someone up. If you know he’ll naturally bark or rub at that person when he sees them, you can let him into the room and he’ll do the rest of the work for you.

  • Alternatively, you can use a treat or toy to lure him into the room. You might even get it to ride on the sleeping person in the bed!

5. Pull the covers 

If she is a sound sleeper, you can try pulling the covers. Grab the corners of the blanket near the head, make sure to hold the sheet and the blanket, and pull them all at once to expose it to daylight!

Note: this is a classic technique for a reason, the sudden change in temperature and comfort should wake him up immediately!

6. Give him a massage. 

If you’re looking for a better way to wake him up, you could give him a massage! Gently rub his head, neck or back in long, soothing strokes. Although it’s a relaxing practice, a massage should help you wake up a sleeping person.

Method 3. Make a joke to wake someone up

1. Create a loud sound to wake someone up

Go to his room and tap a wooden or metal spoon on the bottom of a pot. You can also tap two objects together to create a loud noise, for example two pot lids. Just make a lot of noise to wake him up. This technique works best if that person is not expecting it.

  • If you have a musical instrument at home, such as a drum or a trumpet , you can play it in the bedroom. You can also try blowing a whistle.

2. Turn on the music

You can also wake someone up by playing a song with a loud beat. Play it on speakers near the bedroom and turn up the volume. He should do a good job in his bed!

  • You can also use headphones for this prank, making sure the volume isn’t too loud so as not to damage his hearing.

3. Pull someone by her feet 

Obviously, you don’t want to hurt her, and you shouldn’t drag her out of bed. As soon as you start pulling, she will probably wake up, especially if you took the covers off before you started.

  • You should try to pull her around the back of her ankles or calves so that you don’t hurt her feet.

4. Pretend there’s an earthquake

Shake his mattress and at the same time shout, “Wake up, there’s an earthquake!” When he realizes it was a joke, he’ll already be wide  awake.

  • You could also shake the bed frame instead of shaking the mattress.

5. Pour cold water over the sleeping person

There’s nothing that wakes you up faster than cold water on your face. Mix some water with ice cubes and pour it into a different glass. Pour the water on his face and chest for an immediate effect, but expect his retaliation!

  • Offer him a towel to calm his anger!

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Method 4. Wake up a sleepwalker

1. Know how to identify a sleepwalker 

Sleepwalkers tend to have an icy facial expression. You probably won’t be able to get their attention and they might even walk in the dark. If you come across someone in this state, they are probably sleepwalking.

  • Often he might try to complete a task, such as rummaging through drawers looking for something.

2. Take that person back to bed

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to accompany her to bed. Guide her gently around the house, making sure she gets back to bed. She should then go back to sleep.

  • Use your hands to gently guide it and spin it in the right direction.

3. Wake her up if she does something dangerous

Some sleepwalkers might want to cook, break down doors, or even drive. Although it may be difficult to wake him up, you don’t want him to end up in a situation that could hurt him or others.

  • Since sleepwalkers tend to be deep asleep, waking them up will be difficult. Try calling his name while raising your voice or shaking him gently by the shoulder. If that doesn’t work, try making a loud noise or splashing water on her face. Remember that he will feel very disoriented when he wakes up and he will also be in a bad mood.


Before you use any of the methods in this article, you need to imagine how that person will feel if you wake them up this way. You will have to put up with his bad mood.

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