It Happens Every Year; Time To Put Efforts Together To Defeat Pollution

A few times a year, the pollution level rises up to sky-high, and yet we ignore the fact we can heal it forever. It is very true; the festival season is a significant time that kicks the pollution meter way too high.

So, how long are we going to wait to witness drastic effects on the earth?

The time has come that we all should put our little efforts together to fight pollution as long as we can. We have some easy-to-put ideas that everyone can do to play his/her part in fighting pollution.

Let’s hear them out!

Use The Dustbin

From ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ to state-wise cleanliness campaigns, the government is doing its job to spread the message, but it seems like people don’t understand. Cleanliness is something that can only be achieved when we all make sure that we don’t pollute streets and public areas. Use the dustbins as much as you can. Keeping different dustbins at home for different types of garbage is also necessary. You can keep the wrappers of snacks, candies, and chocolates in your pocket or bag until you find a dustbin.

Indoor Plants! Outdoor Plants!

“Plants, plants everywhere, not a single pollutant in the air”. We all know that only plants can fight pollution in the best way as they consume carbon dioxide and generate oxygen, double the benefit. Try to plant trees around your home or office wherever there is scope to do that. Water the plants that are already there. Buy money plants, medicinal plants, and air-purifying plants to keep indoors. The more greenery we grow on earth, the higher our chances are of eliminating the monster of pollution.

Sustainable Lifestyle

This one some points that are hard to follow but we will tell you about the simple and easy lifestyle changes. You can reduce your use of fuel vehicles to the extent it is possible, like using a bicycle or walking to buy something from the shop a few hundred meters away. You can reduce your use of single-use plastic. Do carpooling to commute from home to work, if it is possible. Wasting water is the biggest crime leading mankind towards pollution, so try to save as much water as you can at your personal level.

Do Not Smoke In Public Areas

Not to offend anyone, but smoking is also a cause of adding to air pollution. We are not suggesting quitting smoking or banning it, but it is wise for humanity to adopt the practice of ‘no smoking in public areas. It might not sound like something that will help at a higher level, but it can.

Keep Control Of Your Electricity Use

We have to use natural resources to produce electricity, and with an increasing population, the demand for electricity is also increasing. We need to make dams for hydropower, the coal-generated power affects air quality a lot, and the windmills need space (most of the time agricultural lands). If we all keep a check on our use of electricity, we can save our natural resources a lot. Little things like switching off wifi when everyone is asleep, making sure that no light or fan is running if no one is using them, and deciding a time slot to keep the electricity use lowest can really help.

Use of Napkin Papers

Do you know that it requires so much water and trees to make paper? And the process of making napkin papers takes a higher toll on the resources. You can try to reduce your use of napkin paper as much as you can. It will save a lot of water and a lot of trees from being thrashed.

Do plants online shopping to get indoor plants so that you can clear your indoor air at max.

Happy Reading!!!!
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